ATEX instrument of control


Inductive Sensors diam 18

ATEX Approved
EX II 2D T100°C IP66 zone 21 and 22 (dust)
Ex II 2G T5 IP66 zone 1 and 2 (gas)

To signal position of equipment in rotating shafts on conveyors, elevators and other mechanical assemblies. May also be used as a pulse generator for speed detection, etc. Threaded body for mounting and adjustment. No physical contact with target/object. Visual indication of uotput state by LED indication. 6 mm detection range. 2 and 4 WIRE VERSION.

  • 2 wire-Multi voltage supply 24-240V ac/dc, N/O or N/C version, not polarity sensitive
  • 4 wire-supply 10-30 Vdc, PNP or NPN output, N/O or N/C selcted by polarity

Whirligig and magnet MAG-CON used for simple and reliable installation

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p100 ex
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