ATEX instrument of control


Temperature control monitor

T4004V4CAI ATEX Approved
Ex II 2D T125°C IP66 Zones 21 and 22
T4004V46CAI ATEX Approved
Ex II 3D T125°C IP66 Zone 22

The T400 ELITE Temperature Monitor uses an electronic control unit, which works in conjunction with PTC temperature sensors to monitor up to 48 bearings. The control unit incorporates 8 separate zones, each of which is able to monitor 1 to 6 individual bearings.
The T400 ELITE is equipped with only 1 output relay. To increase the outputs from 1 to 8 you must add TX400PLCB Alarm Interface Board (optional).

T400N ELITE version with selectable temperature alarm. Only in combination with NTC temperature sensors.

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t400-elite ex
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