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Chute Magnet

The Eclipse high intensity magnetic Chute separator has been designed to operate in arduous conditions and there contamination size is relatively large e.g. nuts, bolts etc.
The unit comprises of two hinged, high intensity magnetic pack, which are secured to a housing via an adjustable hinge arrangement and tricone locking nut. It is these tricone nut that ensure even pressure is generated around the food grade silicon seal. The Chute magnet can be incorporated into any form of vertical or angled pipe or chute section. A common installation location is raw material inlet points such as grain, rice, corn, bran and animal feed etc. A central diverter is mounted on the inlet, which ensures that the process product is directed onto the magnetic face ensuring a high contamination removal rate. All powders and granular type materials that are dry can be processed through the unit. Electrical Safety interlocks can be fitted to the magnetic packs to stop the process should they be accidentally opened.

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