Bullet Magnet

Magnetic separators

Bullet Magnet

Housed Bulled magnets are udeal for the removal of tramp type contamination for example nuts, bolts, staples, etc. from gravity & pneumatically conveyed pipelinse. The unit is designed to prevent tramp iron from damaging expensive process machinery such as blenders, granulators, mixers & screw feed conveyors.
A high intensity magnetic bullet element is centrally mounted within a stainless steel housing. The design ensures that product flow is unaffected by the magnetic element. The bullet element incorporates high intensity Rare Earth magnetic material which generates deep penetrating magnetic flux flieds ensuring contamination is captured whilst the angled nose cone assists in maintaining product integrity and full flow during processing. All powders and granular type materials that are dry can be processed through the unit. Elettrical safety interlocks can be fitted to the magnetic packs to stop the process chould they be accidentally opened.

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