Underflow Magnet

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Underflow Magnet

The Eclipse high intensity Underflow magnetic separator has been designed to operate in arduous conditions and where contamination size is relatively large e.g. nuts, bolts etc.
The unit incorporates two magnetic poles, which generate high intensity magnetic fields. The unit is secured to the chute via an integral hinge and toggle clamp arrangement. It is these toggle clamps that ensure even pressure is generated around the seal to eliminate any product leakage. The underflow magnet can be incorporated into any form of angled pipe or chute section. The Underflow magnet can be incorporated into any form of anglead pipe or chute section.
A common installation location is raw material inlet points such as grain, rice, corn, bran and animal feed etc. Two catchment areas ensure that attrachted contamination cannot be 'washed off'.
As the magnet is usually installed in angled chute sections, any processed product of any size can be passed over the top of the magnet. Safety interlocks can be fitted to the magnet to stop process should it be accidentally opened.

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