Pneumag Magnet

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Pneumag Magnet

The Eclipse Pneumag high intensity magnetic separator has been designed to operate in pneumatic conveying lines to provide protection against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination.
The unit comprises a single double row high intensity magnetic cartridge, which is secured into its hounsing via quick even pressure is generated around the unique silicon based metal detectable seal.
The Pneumag can be incorporated into any form of pneumatic conveying line from lean to dense phase and can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal. A common installation location is tanker discharge to inspect incoming materials.

All powders and granular type materials that are dry can be processed through the unit. Pneumag can operate in line pressures of +/- 1 Bar, units are available up to +/- 5 Bar on request, with a maximum processing line speed of 35 m/sec.
A lockable tamper proof cover plate is provided to ensure only authorised personnel have access to the unit.

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